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Published: 15 June 2015

The effects of the atmospheric pressure on evaporation

Evren Özgür, Kasım Koçak


Evaporation is the transfer of water from liquid to gaseous state and its diffusion into the atmosphere. Evaporation from free water surface is very crucial in hydrological studies. There are lots of factors which affect evaporation. The main factors are air and water temperature, relative humidity, wind velocity, surface area, atmospheric pressure and salinity of the water. Most of the studies about evaporation are related with temperature, relative humidity and wind velocity all around the world. The other factors are usually ignored. In this study, the effect of atmospheric pressure on evaporation was examined.

In this study, daily atmospheric pressure and evaporation data observed in the Ercan Meteorological Station located in Northern Cyprus were used. The observation period was taken to be 2007-2011 for both variables. By using classical scatterplot graphics, relationship between pressure and evaporation could not be observed easily. Therefore, Locally Weighted Scatterplot Smoothing (LOWESS) method was applied in order to see the net picture behind the scatterplot. At the end of the application of LOWESS, it was seen clearly that there was a distinct relationship between pressure and evaporation values. It was presented that the less evaporation was observed in high pressure values. Mathematical form of this relationship can be given in exponential form.

Keywords: Atmospheric Pressure, LOWESS, Evaporation, North Cyprus;

Acta Geobalcanica | Volume 1 | Issues 1 | Pp: 17-24;


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Available Online First: 15 June 2015


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